When we visited Hong Kong back in 2017, we took it as an opportunity to create something interesting. We wanted to bring the city’s alluring energy to people who has never been to the megacity.


We planned a couple of scenes in the mountains of Hong Kong and wanted a clear view of the city from the peaks. Our worry was if the weather conditions were going to cooperate. There were days with very low visibility due to high levels of smog. We constantly checked the air quality and live cams throughout the week – despite planning the smog still ruined a few of our shots.

We also couldn’t preview what we’ve shot, because we were using our own custom-built rig we couldn’t get a live stitch of what we captured. Often it felt like shooting film, we didn’t know what we were going to get until we eventually process it. We found ourselves on location looking in all directions to determine our camera placement, imagining where it would look best.


For this shoot, we used the 9-solution arms and Manfrotto clamps for most of the mounting solutions. For versatility and capturing very particular angles in various locations, these tools came very useful. It was still unsettling have such a big rig mounted on a thin metal arm. We came to trust it after a while…

Another key component in our gear list was a WD 10TB drive – Because we had to use 4 cameras for this time-lapse, we generated the 4 times the data of a typical time-lapse. We would fill up four 128Gb cards each day and had to unload 512 Gb of data each day. At the end of the project we ended with 160,000 RAW photos and filling up around 5 – 6TB.